Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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About Us

SolutionsPaper is a multimedia outlet that employs the constructive and solutions journalism story telling approach to raise early career and civic journalists across Africa. 

We produce alternative stories that reframe the narrative about Africa and spur civic participation in development issues. Published by SAI, we are on a mission to raise civic journalists and stimulate public interest in Africa’s development using solutions and constructive journalism. 

We cover underreported stories and objectively document how Africans  are using proven innovations, models, and systems to solve social, humanitarian, and economic development problems across the continent.


To raise civic and emerging journalists across Africa who will use solutions and constructive journalism to spur civic participation in development issues across the continent. We aim to propagate the use of constructive and solutions journalism across Africa, raise public interest in societal development and inform citizens on what solutions have worked.


To establish a digital media platform that will use constructive and solutions journalism to scale working solutions in Africa by creating a network of 10,000 solutions focused civic journalists and disseminating constructive and solutions news directly to a minimum of 200, 000 individuals by 2030.