Monday, March 4, 2024

Who we are and what we do.

Founded in 2022, The SolutionsPaper is a multimedia publishing outlet that employs constructive and solutions journalism storytelling to boost civic engagement and stimulate public interest in Africa’s development. 

Our primary mission is to tell stories of resilience, objectively, and how organisations, communities and even individuals are solving and finding answers to problems that are plaguing communities throughout Africa. 

Frequently, when socioeconomic, political, environmental, religious and ethnic issues are reported in Africa, there tends to be a broad focus on the problems and how devastating they are, burying areas of vital human activity while perpetuating misleading beliefs about reality. 

This is where The SolutionsPaper’s repertoire of stories differs. We work with freelance journalists from all over the continent to report, document and chronicle evidence-based stories of resilience; and doing so without dismissing the problems and pushing for indigenous replication of social solutions.


To raise civic and public interest in development and sociopolitical issues across Africa using solution, constructive, science, investigative and engagement journalism.


We aim to propagate the use of constructive and solutions journalism across Africa, raise public interest in societal development and inform citizens on what solutions have worked.

Impact in numbers

Part of what The SolutionsPaper does apart from curating and chronicling responses to social problems to drive civic change, is to spread the “gospel of solutions and constructive journalism” across Africa by training and mentoring early-career reporters and campus journalists. 

Through virtual and physical training, we have equipped and trained over 100 reporters and storytellers across Nigeria including Kenya, Ghana and Zimbabwe.

Since The SolutionsPaper’s inception, we have published 20 features from writers across Africa and over 15 of them have been indexed to the  Solution Journalism Network. 

Our Partners