Call for Pitches: Religious and Ethnic Extremism

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The SolutionsPaper is a solutions journalism-based outlet that reports on how people are working to solve the Africa’s biggest problems. We are looking for pitches on stories related to religious and ethnic extremism, with a focus on solutions-oriented and constructive approaches.

Religious and ethnic extremism are complex and challenging issues that are having a devastating impact on communities around Africa, especially in Nigeria. At The SolutionsPaper, we believe that journalism can play a role in addressing the root causes of religious, ethnic extremism and promoting solutions. We are looking for stories that:

  1. Explore the complex factors that contribute to religious and ethnic extremism, such as poverty, inequality, and lack of opportunities.
  2. Highlight the work of people and organizations who are working to prevent and counter religious and ethnic extremism.
  3. Share stories of people who have been affected by religious, ethnic extremism and are now working to rebuild their lives.

We are particularly interested in stories that focus on the following solutions areas:

  1. Education and economic empowerment: Investing in education and economic opportunities for young people can help to reduce the risk of radicalization.
  2. Community engagement: Building strong and inclusive communities can help to protect people from the allure of extremist groups.

If you have a story idea that meets these criteria, please use our pitch template and submit a pitch to 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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